Art Commissions


If you'd like a drawing of your characters or anything else in the fanciful style similar to the art pieces that brought you here, then you've come to the right place ~

I have a soft spot for all things that are rugged leather and enchanted metals, so along with the title of fantasy flats I can draw your peeps in a whimsical fantasy setting. But that is not necessarily the case! You can still request for different genres, attires and settings all together, anything you'd like! Just let me know about it and I'll say if I can, but chances are I will because I'm just as interested in it all.


- Artisan Rates -

If you have a specific idea or a very complex scene with multiple characters for your commission, your best bet is to just hit me up on it via an email or some of the other note places. My rates vary depending on the specifications but I'm generally quite lenient to fit budgets.

Other than that, here are some general price points ~

About $25 +

About $120 +

- Other Information -

You can give as much or as little information as you'd like ! A wall of text or a sentence or two, a lot of reference or no pictures at all, I'll try to fill in all the blanks for you. Also by default I tend to make characters digitigrade and slightly cartoony, but if you'd like them plantigrade and more proportionate pop me a note about it too ! (There'll be a bit if a price increase for the more proportionate option)

Prices are usually in USD and I'll pop over a paypal invoice when all the info is settled. You can pay in other currencies too, paypal will automatically convert it, just so long as it's close to the stated USD price.

Generally, all non-generic characters should belong to the commissioner or allowed to be drawn. I wouldn't necessarily draw like Matt Smith or Ash Ketchum, but if its your character dressed as Dante then I'm perfectly fine with it.

- 2015 -

- Contact -

Feel free to pop me an ask on tumblr, write a message on weasyl, send a note on FA, or even drop me an email. Any and all questions are welcomed, even if it's just to say hi.


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